As Many Features Of The Walk-In Bathtub As Possible

So that we do not run out of space and to give you enough room to catch your breath let us run off those features as soon as possible and as quickly as possible. Walk in bathtubs have so many features, it is absolutely astounding. One walk in tub has ten water jets. It also features eighteen air jets.

This is part of a customized combination of both. These jets are installed at the seat back. Again, positioning can be customized. An installed bidet is great for personal hygiene. This bidet features a twistable jet which can be switched on and off manually. Flow diverters can also be selected. Water can be diverted via the water jets from the back area of the bath tub to the foot well of the tub.

Walk in bathtubs

Scented beads for the purpose of providing bathers with their aromatherapy can be activated, adding the required or appropriate aroma to the bath tub’s installed air system. Along with aromatherapy, chromatherapy or light therapy can be provided. You can also create your own pure and micro bubbles.

So you can always sit comfortably, your seat is heated. The bathtub has got your back as well. It is heated. So you can always sit in peace and quiet, your installed water pump or motor is very quiet. You can raise yourself easily enough, using a wall mounted grab bar. An internal grab bar is installed just for use in the bath tub. 

Well, what do you know. You are still breathing free and easily. You have room for more, much more. Pretty much all of the features of one walk-in bath tub has been mentioned in this short space and time. But you can have more if you customize further.