CD - June 1993
Reprise Records (45339-2)

Song titles:
01. Hes' My Thing
02. Laredo
03. Istigkeit
04. Ragweed
05. Angel hair
06. Fontanellette

Made in: Australia and USA
Other info: Fontanellette is a live recording and contains the songs Bruise Violet, Bluebell, Angel Hair, Pearl, Blood, Magick Flute, Won't Tell, Real Eyes, Spun, Mother, Handsome And Gretel. It was recorded at CBGB's in New York, April 1992.

The cover of this Album was from a photo by Cindy Sherman (famous New York photographer). If you read the Neal Karlen book about Babes in Toyland you will find out some interesting things about Cindy Sherman and how this cover and Fontanelle came to be. To see more of her work visit her site

Other versions/formats:
Format: 12" black vinyl
Year: 1993
Label: Southern Records
No: 18512-1
Other info: Made in UK