White Jam
CD - 1992
Fun Factory (Fun Factory 004)

Song titles:
01. Bruise Violet
02. Bluebell
03. Right Now
04. Handsome & Gretel
05. Blood
06. Magik Flute
07. Won't Tell
08. Jungle Train
09. Pearl
10. Mother

11. Catatonic
12. Ripe
13. Primus
14. Mad Pilot
15. Spit To See The Shine
16. Swamp Pussy
17. Dust Cake Boy
18. Sometimes

Made in: Italy
Other info: Tracks 1 - 10 were recorded live in New York, 17th June 1992. Tracks 11 to 14 is the Peel Session with clapping/audience added . Trashily put together - they've basically taken demos, sessions, and possibly some live performances and added an audience track to the start and end. Every song ends with the same piece of clapping/whistling. If you listen carefully to Handsome & Gretel, you hear Kat screaming "gretel" and her voice comes in again on top of it, with the second verse.