Headliner: Katastrophy Wife
Venue:Liverpool Barfly
Rating: 10/10
Support: 28 Costumes, Flamingo 50, GU Medicine
Date: 29/06/04
Set list:

Money Shot
Git Go
No Thing
Emit Time
Pretty Car
Gone Away
Liberty Belle
Handsome and Gretel

"We'd like to dedicate this set to all the homeless dogs at the RSPCA." 28 Costumes, an animal friendly local band, opened up with a raucous set, which interested the crowd at the Liverpool Barfly straight away. A chirpy American next to me seemed to be their biggest fan demanding all her favourite songs... which that band dutifully complied with. 28 Costumes would not looks out of place in NME or MTV2, as their music seems to be a blend of home-grown Indie and noisy screeching la The Hives. Not entirely at home playing the opening slot, 28 Costumes have that grown up, professional 'Rockstars in suits' look and so, of course, they were the only band to get up on time. Flamingo 50 are, let's face it, fabulous on stage. Vocalist Louise is a younger, punkier and more drunk version of Brody Dalle - the hair, the clothes, the attitude. Even better, it's not on purpose. At all. And she has no ego, no delusions of grandeur; she simply rocks. The liveliest band of the night is loud, noisy and sweaty. Clearly inspired by the old Riot Grrrl chicks, Flamingo 50 bring it into the 21st Century, and boy does it sound good. The new album sounds fabulous and classics such as 'Shame about Blame' aren't forgotten either. This is the first time I've seen Flamingo 50 after hearing their records, and those records truly do them no justice. Then it gets weird. GU Medicine is so totally out of place I don't know where to look. I'm so out of synch all I can think about is how much the singer resembles Dave Grohl. For about two songs anyway. GU Medicine play rock. Just rock. You have to call it rock because its such a jumble to be called anything else. They have this amazing lead guitar player and then some Emo band reject for a bassist. And I've already mentioned the whole Dave Grohl scenario. No-one was expecting them, and no-one wanted to. They played loud, I would have danced, but I wanted Katastrophy Wife. Now. Kat Bjelland is somewhat of a Goddess. No, scrap that. She is a Goddess. I am totally in love. From the word 'go' I feel electric. The guitars, the feedback, those lungs that must stretch right down to her toes. It has to be said Kat has 'The Voice' of everything that is loud. I cannot describe how perfect and cathartic it is. When 'Liberty Belle' kicks in that's when things really go mad. In fact, things rarely slow down, and a rendition of Babes in Toyland's own 'Handsome and Gretel' goes down a treat too. The new band has given Kat a new lease of life, although she still has those famous dresses. The rest of their band perform spectacularly too, and the addition of an extra guitar just increases the power of Kat's voice - or so it seems. New songs 'Sweetheart' 'Emit Time' and 'Money Shot' scream, literally, that loud, noisy music is back, whilst the old songs - 'Git Go', 'Pretty Car' and 'Gone Away' sound even more ferocious. Katastrophy Wife have to be seen live, I command you. Kat's back, and she means business. - (c) Emily Jones, 2004 - [email protected]