How to choose bathroom hardware

How to choose bathroom hardware

Hardware is like jewelry in a bathroom. Towel bars, knobs, and hooks can add sparkle and functionality to your design.

It’s easy to replace worn or outdated cabinet knobs and pulls, towel bars and paper towel holders. The key to finding the right size is to remove what you want to replace, take it to the home center and find the right fit.

The bathroom hardware options seem endless. Some designers say it’s a safe bet to match your hardware finish to your permanent accessories like faucets and shower heads. For example, chrome works with chrome. But other designers suggest having fun with your choices. After all, this is where you can introduce pops of color or sparkle.

Mix and match your bathroom hardware

“If you have a dark vanity, then you might want to use a light brushed nickel,” says Jessica Allison of Essence Design Studios. “Then match it with a bronze chandelier and bronze candlestick.”

“You can mix metals,” says Jennifer Markanich, owner and designer of Timeless Interiors. “But it’s easier to mix metals in the kitchen than in the bathroom.”

To save money, consider painting your existing drawer knobs and pulls as long as they fit your style and are functional. “If the line is fine but the color is not right, just change the color,” Markanich said. She also recommends painting some light fixtures, such as wall sconces, to update the look.

TransForm’s designer and sales manager Rozalia Kiss recommends keeping your drawer handles, robe hooks and pulls in the same finish so they match, but play on your chosen theme. “You can turn a modern dresser into a traditional-looking dresser by adding traditional knobs,” she says. Old brass faucets and shower heads can be given a new look, at least until you’re ready to replace them with new ones.

“Mix brass with glass or crystal knobs, antique brass or oil-ground bronze,” says Kiss. Go to a thrift or antique store for handles, handles, and towel bars that will make a statement or act as a talking point. “