Lash Frenzy

Journeys without maps - A tribute to "The Lord of the Rings"
(Compilation CD album)

01. Dreams of Tall Buildings - Line 26
02. The Telescopes - Second Darkness
03. Solway Fifth - Give my regards to Aragorn
04. Owen Tromans - Mr. Butterbur's Lantern
05. Baragon Flag -"There was an eye in the dark tower that did not sleep."
06. Lash Frenzy (featuring Kat Bjelland) - Helm's Deep
07. Og's Bunkadoo Band - The Reckoning of Boromir
08. KlusterB - The search for Ent-wives in the land that is now brown and barren
09. Simon Fox of Grover - The Great War
10. Dept Noise X Terror - Precious
11. Reavers - Forbidden Views & Pools
12. Rodney Cromwell (featuring members of Saloon)- Radagast the Brown
13. J Foundation - Wraithryders

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