Songs of the Witchblade: A soundtrack to the comics. (1998)

Song Titles

01.Overtura: Astroantiquity/Attacatastrophy
02.Go to Sleep
04.I'll Get Even (Pt. 2)
05.Mater Dolorosa
06.Kill This Distraction, Kill Your Reaction
08.Blue Valiant
10.Bataglia Suite: Pezzini la Virago/Wallow/Assassin
11.I Put a Spell on You
12.Finale: Apocalypticraft/Tunnel
13.Witchy Woman

Album Credits:
 Scott McCloud  Guitar
 Dave Mustaine  Vocals, Producer, Guitar
 Dave Robbins  Engineer
 Ron  Engineer
 Hahn Rowe  Keyboards, Engineer, Guitar
 Kevin Rutmanis  Performer
 John Smith  Engineer
 Michael Turner  Artwork, Concept
 Anthony Valcic  Programming, Engineer, Guitar
 Howie Weinberg  Mastering
 Lori Barbero  Drums, Performer
 Donal Hodgson  Engineer
 J.G. Thirlwell  Drum Programming
 Dave Ogilvie  Programming, Vocals, Producer, Engineer, Mixing
 Jolie Jones Levine  Harmonium, Production Coordination, Sample Loops
 Tim Carr  Executive Producer
 Hope Nicholls  Saxophone, Vocals, Speech/Speaker/Speaking Part, Performer
 Johnny Temple  Bass
 Subcircus  Producer, Performer
 Michelle Leon  Bass
 Gary Winger  Engineer
 David Newgarden  Production Coordination
 Patrick Dillet  Engineer, Mixing
 Wendy Sherman  Art Direction
 Kim Fox  Accordion, Vocals, Performer, Organ
 Chris Vrenna  Drums, Programming, Producer, Engineer
 Janet Billig  Production Coordination
 Tim Duroche  Drums
 Dean Maher  Engineer
 David Wohl  Concept
 Joe Zook  Engineer
 Miho Hatori  Vocals, Performer
 Roger Lian  Editing
 Mimi Goese  Vocals, Performer
 Christina Z.  Concept
 Kate Sherwood  Coordination
 Kenji Shimoda  Engineer
 Tom Siler  Organ
 Jonathan D. Smith  Artwork
 Adam Somers  Production Coordination
 Peter Steigerwald  Artwork
 Marc Silvestri  Executive Producer, Artwork
 Kay Shepard  Production Coordination
 Tara Nelson  Engineer
 Tommas Arnby  Drums
 Nicolaj Bloch  Guitar
 Mizue Imanishi  Editing
 Gene Salomon  Production Coordination
 Chris  Engineer
 Brad Cassetto  Engineer
 Pete Steele  Vocals, Bass
 Arto Lindsay  Vocals, Mixing, Guitar
 Marty Friedman  Guitar
 Kat Bjelland  Vocals, Multi Instruments, Producer, Performer, Concept
 Dougie Bowne  Programming, Editing, Drum Programming, Mixing
 George "Funky" Brown  Bass
 David Ellefson  Bass
 Brian Howe  Drums
 Dann Huff  Producer
 Andres Levin  Engineer
 Nana Vasconcelos  Drums
 Babes in Toyland  Performer
 Lydia Lunch  Vocals, Performer
 Megadeth  Performer
 Marc Ribot  Guitar