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The season has come to "autumn", days of moist and hot weather, in a timely and falling showers after, finally a touch of cool and comfortable. I look at the eyes, finally see a clear sky a blue sky high clouds light. At this moment, although the summer heat is not yet central, but the autumn days have gradually come.



Work is not all about the four-sided grid of busy days.



Of course, there are also the group building activities that we said we would do!



The 2021 progress bar is already 70% gone





The group building is carried out in small groups, and each team has a corresponding task set in the activity to enhance the cohesion and centripetal force of the team through the process of team members working together to complete the task, so that everyone can actively integrate into the big family of Langya.




Langya Court Study Meeting, with the same frequency, the same way, one heart, with you and me
Class committee awarding ceremony



Leisure and Entertainment





In the laughter, this group building activity is nearing the end, everyone is relaxed and at ease, happy and leisurely, releasing the pressure and at the same time adjusting themselves to a better state to sprint to close 2021.




Langya, a circle, a group of friends, a thing!



With You and Me

Sea and Sky

Enjoy the different scenery together

To dream as a horse, to live up to the time

Gathering our strength and unity

The future is promising, we go forward side by side

The ice-breaking group building of Langya 2021.08 was a success!

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