Joan Jett & The Blackhearts

Pure and Simple

01. Go Home
02. Eye To Eye
03. Spinster
04. Torture
05. Rubber And Glue
06. As I Am
07. Activity Grrrl
08. Insecure
09. Wonderin'
10. Consumed
11. You Got A Problem
12. Brighter Day
- Hostility (bonus track on LP and Cassette, written with Donita Sparks)
- Here To Stay (bonus track on LP and Japanese reissues, written with Kat Bjelland)

Pure And Simple contains all original Jett material that only reassures her title as the 'Queen of Rock 'N Roll.' The cassette version of the album features a bonus track, "Hostility," co-written with Donita Sparks of L7. The limited-edition vinyl album also includes "Hostility," as well as "Here To Stay," co-written and performed with Kat Bjelland of Babes In Toyland, which is available nowhere else. "We did it for fun," Joan stated. "The compact disc has the two ballads on it, the vinyl has no ballads and the extra track that I wrote with Kat. We wanted to give everybody an extra song on the cassette, plus by adding the track "Hostility" it insured that the two sides were even on a time level."

"The song "Here To Stay" was written with Kat and it worked out great. She also came in the studio and played some pretty wacky guitar. That was a lot of fun. We really had a good time recording this album." - Joan Jett

Here To Stay
I was feeling so much
But I was losing touch
See the way that I feel
I feel unpeeled
Don't vacuum my heart
Cause I'll rip you apart
I'll let you inside
An take your mind for a ride
You ran away, I hate this game
I fell away, I'll leave today
You know my name, it's here to stay
Don't wanna play your stupid games
Can't take more of this, I'm gettin' really pissed
All alone in my mind, screams wall of time
You ran away, I hate this game
I fell away, I'll leave today
You know my name, it's here to stay
Don't wanna play your stupid games
It's the same old thing
Sick of everything
Seems I know it too well
Just your little hell

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The Seven Year Itch

01 I Want A Piece Of The Action
02 Misdemeanour
03 Liberation Is Wasted On Me
04 Evergreen
05 Reynard The Fox
06 Golden Lillies (featuring Kat Bjelland)
07 The Apple, The Book
08 Guilty As Sin
09 Your Religion Is Me
10 Rosemary Call The Goddess
Kat also produced and recorded this album.

"The Seven-Year Itch, produced by Kat Bjelland from Babes In Toyland. It’s the sound of a band who, to be blunt, were mad as hell and were not going to take it anymore. Away with the glockenspiels, and in comes ‘Golden Lilies’, a thirty-second screech-fest, with the refrain “Pin her down or pin her up/All she’s good for is a fuck,” which ends with all of them yelling “FUCK” very loudly."

The Seven Year Itch was largely ignored by the media. Angelica continued playing shows, including a blinding set at the London Ladyfest in the summer of 2002. Their website hasn’t been updated since then, aside from a notice that their gig in Lancaster on September 14th 2002 would be their last for a while. Apparently they did split, some gone to university, some in other bands, some… who knows. But they need remembering. It’d be difficult to argue they changed anything, certainly. But that doesn’t matter. Angelica were far, far too good to be forgotten.

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It Dreams (can)

01. Feel It
02. Creeper (Coming for You)
03. Pretty Life
04. Go Away
05. Tell Me Why
06. Don't Cry
07. Screecher
08. Come On
09. Light After Night
10. Nothing Nowhere
11. Badream
12. House of Ill Trepidation

Jakalope is a Canadian industrial supergroup. They are named for a fictional animal, although the animal's name is more commonly spelled jackalope.

The band was formed in 2003 by noted Canadian industrial musician Dave Ogilvie. The core members of the band include Anthony Valcic, Katie B, Don Harrison, Don Binns and Don Short. (Harrison, Binns and Short, nicknamed "The Three Dons", are all former members of the band Sons of Freedom.)

The band also collaborated with a number of guest musicians, including Trent Reznor, Kat Bjelland and members of Sloan, Monster Magnet and Malhavoc.

Their debut album, It Dreams, was released in 2004, and spawned the hit single "Pretty Life". The cover art for this album received the Juno Award for Best CD/DVD Artwork Design of the Year in 2005, and was designed by artist Vincent Marcone.

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01. They All Must Be Slaughtered (featuring Kat Bjelland)
02. Mombius Hibachi
03. Lovely Butterfly
04. Ptfalls In Serving Warrants
05. Air Breather Deep In The Arms Of Morphius
06. Laughing With Lucifer At Satan's Sideshow
07. How
08. Larry Lauders Walking Stick Tree
09. Grin
10. In The Freaktose The Bugs Are Dying

"The album begins with “They All Must Be Slaughtered,” eight minutes-plus of eerie, reverb-drenched guitars and the haunting backing vocals of Kat Bjelland of Babes In Toyland. This is not the Melvins you used to know, folks. Unlike their attempts at a similar sound on Stag, “They All Must Be Slaughtered” seems like serious art, a genuinely moody piece of Pink Floyd-ish psychedelia." - The Online Daily


Live Through This

01. Violet
02. Plump
03. Miss World
04. Asking For It
05. Jennifers Body
06. Doll Parts
07. Credit In The Straight World
08. Softer Softest
09. She Walks On Me
10. I Think I would Die (co-written by Kat Bjelland)
11. Gutless
12. Rockstar