Kat Bjelland: Guitars & Vocals
Mick Kenney: Drums
Darren Donovan: Drums
Andrew Parker: Guitars
"Brownie": Bass

Status: Finished

Lash Frenzy was a "noise" project that featured members from some of Birminghams heaviest bands such as Mick Kenney (Anaal Nathrahk, Mistress, Frost & Exploder) on drums, Darren Donovan (Mistress, Exploder) who was also in Katastrophy Wife at one point on drums, Andrew Parker (Einstellung & Sally) on guitars, also a previous member of Katastrophy Wife, Brownie on bass and Kat Bjelland on guitars and vocals.

According to one member it was Andrew Parkers idea to get two drummers, two guitarists and a bassist to make as much unrehearsed noise as possible at once and that is how the recording Helm's Deep came about.

Journeys without maps - A tribute to The Lord of the Rings - compilation

- Helm's Deep

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