This website started as a simple fansite for the band Katastrophy Wife but with the creation of the Official Katastrophy Wife Site this site became more of an archive for all things Kat Bjelland. A site for fans run by and collated by fans.

LATEST NEWS - Last updated: 15th of November, 2006.

    KAT TRACKS! Kat Bjelland returns to the studio to record Katastrophy Wife single for new Australian label, RiSH Records. Check out for the full press release..

    Thanks to Erika, some previously unseen photos of Babes In Toyland playing at Club Satyricon in Portland have surfaced. They were taken by David Ackerman, 91/92. The pictures can be seen in the Kat album.

Check out the new Kat Bjelland Photo Album HERE!
I have created an online album to host all the images collected by myself and fans on the forum. If you want to add any of your own Kat pictures, check out the Forum for more details.

Babes in Toyland website online! Most of the old Babes In Toyland websites are no longer updated or around so I created this one.

There are now pages for all of the projects that Kat has been known to take part in such as Babes In Toyland, Katastrophy Wife, Crunt, Lash Frenzy, Pagan Babies, The Venarays, Neurotics, Sugarbabylon and Witchblade. The information has been collected from the internet, books, fans and Kat herself. Check the bands section.

If you have anything (photos, articles, reviews, stories, videos, art and recordings) to contribute to this site then please email me: [email protected] Please note, alot of the pictures included on these sites have been sent to me by fans, if you own the photos and would like them removed or would like to be credited please let me know.

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