These songs are in varying formats.

Guest Appearances
Hammerhead (featuring Kat Bjelland) - Camaro NEW!
The Melvins (featuring Kat Bjelland) - They All Must Be Slaughtered NEW!
Angelica (featuring Kat Bjelland) - Golden Lilies
Joan Jett (featuring Kat Bjelland) - Here To Stay

Babes In Toyland - B sides, covers, comp tracks & rehearsals
How Do You Like Your Love NEW!
Say What You Want (S.F.W outtake) NEW!
The Girl Can't Help It
Fair Is Foul & Foul Is Fair
Big Top

Babes In Toyland - live
Handsome & Gretel (different lyrics) NEW!

Katastrophy Wife - B sides, comp tracks & rehearsals
Happy Pick Up Truck
Keith's Mood - reh
Long Cool Summer - reh
Poison - live/accoustic
Gone Away - suicide remix

Songs of the Witchblade
Blue Valient
Witchy Woman
Go To Sleep

Italian Whorenuns - demo
I Hate You NEW!
You Got It NEW!

Pagan Babies - demo
Cold Shoulders
Best Sunday Dress
Quiet Room

The Venarays - live performance
(titles unknown so I made some up)
Song 1 (Tonight) Same music as Catatonic
Song 2 (Timebomb)
Song 3 (I Hate You)
Song 4 (Bite Your Tongue)
Song 5 (Put To The Test)
Song 6 (Go Back To Him)

Lash Frenzy
Helms Deep