Kat Bjelland: Guitars & Backing Vocals
Dave Hummel: Drums
Marti Wyman: Vocals
Lisa Leud: Bass guitar

Status: Finished

The Venarays was one of the first bands that Kat Bjelland played in. It was started by Kat who played guitar and a singer named Marti Wyman in Portland in the 80s. Marti Wyman is now in a band called Fringe. Kat describes the Venarays as rock with a 60's edge.

"After the Neurotics I got this band together with my best friends, so it was an all girl band. We were called the Venarays. The name came from the word 'venary' which means actively hunting out sex! We began as a way of having fun with each other." - Kat Bjelland

Another quote taken from an interview with Nigel Twist, the drummer of Fringe:

"How did you meet Marti Wyman? What did she have to do with the band "Babes In Toyland"? She is the girlfriend of Jimmy Schein, he used to work for the Alarm years ago for a company called 'Roadshow'. Marti was in a band with Kat from Babes. "

The Best of Babes In Toyland and Kat Bjelland album & dvd US

6 songs performed live and an interview.

These images are stills taken from the interview/live performance which was released on the Best Of Kat Bjelland dvd.

To hear songs from the live recording visit the sounds section.

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