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Thanks & Credits

Thanks & Credits

This web collection is not affiliated with Kat Bjelland in any way, shape or form. I used to run her websites in the past. I will not give you her contact details or pass on any messages to her for you sorry. If you want to contact her, visit her myspace page, which is run by Kat and her boyfriend.

Katie Saarikko
Hours and hours of time collating all this stuff for 10 years, Photos, Lyrics, Tabs, Tour Dates

Lisa Melendez
Photos, Tabs - she used to run Real Eyes


Ryan Ellis
Music, Collection, Photos

Suzanne Klappe
Music, Photos, Articles, Information

Kevin “Oz” Testa
Articles, Images, Lyrics, Moderating, Enthusiasm

Edwina Perks
Live Photos, Videos, Collection

Daniel “Ebow” Jebson
Moderating, Collection

Mardt Clancy
Live Photos, Tour Dates, Tabulature, Deciphering Lyrics, Adoration, Love

Is That Real Butter
Rare mp3s

Jade French
Live Photos

Babes in Toyland collection
Adrenaline Body Piercing

Chris Jeffs
Live photos

Special thanks to:
Katastrophy Wife
Kat Bjelland
Adrian Johnson
Andrew Parker
Darren Donovan

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