Kat Bjelland: Guitar & Vocals
Courtney Love: Vocals
Jennifer Finch: Bass
Suzanne Ramsey: Drums & Piano

Status: Finished

Sugar Babylon also referred to as Sugar Babydoll and Sugar Bunnyfarm, has been referred to by Kat as the smallest thing she has ever done musically.

“I’d quit the Venarays by this time and me and Courtney were trying to get a band together. We needed a bass player, so when we found Jennifer we formed Sugar Babydoll, Sugar Babylon, Sugar Bunny Farm or whatever it was called. We went through a few names, and we only played a couple of shows. It was the smallest thing I’ve ever done musically.”

- Kat Bjelland, from the book “Women Sex and Rock ‘n’ Roll: In their Own Words” by Liz Evans, published by Pandora 1994 printed in Great Britain.

Jennifer Finch later went on to perform in L7 and now has a new band called The Shocker. You can check them out on myspace: The Shocker while Courtney formed the band Hole.

The Best of Babes In Toyland and Kat Bjelland album & dvd US

- Quiet Room

4 track demo
01. Cold Shoulders
02. Bernadine
03. Best Sunday Dress
04. Quiet Room

This demo was used for the band Pagan Babies, another Bjelland/Love incarnation rather than Sugar Babylon who actually performed on it.The demo is available in the sounds section.